Dolphin Bed Sheets

Have fun designing an ocean retreat in your home by decorating your bedroom with dolphin bed sheets. Kids and adults alike enjoy the wonders and beauty of the ocean, and the peaceful personalities of dolphins. When browsing the internet for new home furnishings, you will find a selection of whimsical styles to choose from to suit kids, and beautiful, more serious styles for adults.

Ocean themed linens come in all sorts of shades of blues, teals and other soft ocean colors. Many are also accented with brighter more tropical feeling color schemes enabling you to choose the one that is just right for your taste or the little ones whom you are decorating for. These options allow you to coordinate your new bedroom set with your current room styling, or aid you in designing a brand new feel for the room.

Coordinating window treatments are sometimes also available to purchase in addition to the sheet sets. When adding these to your room decor you will increase the mood of your design by creating an overall feeling to the room. If the sheet selection you chose does not have the matching window treatments, purchase one or two additional sets of flat sheets. These can be decoratively draped over or around your window rods doubling as curtains. You can also create harmonizing table covers by using an extra flat sheet or pillow case.

You may wish to only have your friendly dolphins appear on the bed rather than scattered all over the area. But the room can still be filled with your enticing ocean theme by using fabric colors pulled from the bedspread for other items such as for your drapes and seat covers. Also, by including furniture and accessories such as chairs, bookshelves and light shades that are in colors and styles to match your theme, you can increase the undersea odyssey another notch.

It is easy and entertaining to extend your fantasy into adjoining bathrooms. You will find you have an incredibly large selection to choose from when picking out ocean themed restroom accessories. Some of these items you can use in your bedroom also such as trash cans, picture frames and wall hooks.

Designing rooms with an overall dolphin theme is a pleasant adventure in itself and being able to relax in your creation when you are finished is a second bonus. By shopping online for your dolphin bed sheets and ocean paraphernalia you will be able to price compare the items you would like for your project and have the most selection to choose from. They can then be conveniently shipped to your home usually within a week or two.